NY on a Budget

When you are looking for cost effective ways to  enjoy yourself!

NY on a Budget was developed for you to find all the fun free and affordable stuff to do in the city. Click the categories on the left or above to find activities, classes, events or budgeting advice. Look below to learn more about us, our mission, and why we do this. 

NY on a Budget

​a.k.a NYOAB

When you are looking for cost effective ways to enjoy yourself!

About US


Our Mission

It has been a lifelong dream to create a chain of community centers that will help encourage children and teens to follow the song in their hearts and create prospering careers in those fields. Expanding their scope of the world via the arts, math and science. The first community center will be right here in NYC. If you believe in the cause please kindly donate any amount.

Our mission is to help people find something to do and extinguish boredom.  Hopefully we can keep some kids off the streets, entertain some tourists, and expose some New Yorkers to activities they were unaware existed. The goal is to promote interesting activities and events occurring in New York City to keep tourists, NYC dwellers, and locals up to date on what options they have in NYC, it's neighboring boroughs and beyond.  Also, to provide cost effective suggestions on how to survive in NYC.

Hi there! Welcome to NY on a Budget, we are determined to eliminate boredom in NY and inspire people to get up and get out by providing them with information on activities occurring on a daily basis.  We thank you for coming to the site, and look forward to helping you.

Our Long Term Vision


This isn't just a website about fun stuff to do in the city. It's about creating a conscious movement for people to do what they love, find what they love and alleviate boredom. To get the human brain working again. To bring joy and happiness into the lives of people who are lost, lonely or just plain bored. We want to help create programs, community centers, homeless shelters, classes, job opportunities and more for those that come here with a dream vision or hope.

It's about being more than a website....

Meet the Team

Mayra Perdomo

Founder / Director of Operations / Event Coordinator

  • To help people find the song in their hearts

  • To create fun programs that get people exercising and moving
  • To develop a chain of community centers throughout major US cities
  • To create programs to increase awareness of what is going on in the world, economically, politically and culturally.

Long Term Goals:


Community Manger


Sales Manager .

  • To establish homeless shelters that actually help people get a job, get an apartment and get their lives back.

  • To create events that get people networking, learning and socializing
  • To create classes that stimulate the mind
  • To get people to live life and have fun.